AED Program

To request a new AED for a location or for any questions regarding AEDs, please email:

Public Access AED’s (Automated External Defibrillators)

In addition to responding to requests for emergency medical services, UVAC also provides education and preparedness programs throughout the campus community to promote a healthy and safe environment. One of UVAC’s major accomplishments over the past few years has been a campus-wide Automated External Defibrillator (AED) program.

UVAC facilitates the purchase and installation of the AEDs with departments on campus that want to obtain one. Using the state of Maine AED grants, we  have successfully deployed twenty-nine (29) AEDs across campus. All of which are serviced and maintained on a monthly basis by UVAC to ensure proper function in the event of a cardiac emergency.

What does an AED do?

An AED works by attaching to an unconscious person with specialized pads that stick to a persons chest. It then analyzes the heart’s electrical activity and determines if a shock is needed to restore normal electrical activity. AED’s are designed to be easy to use, and do not require any training. The device will talk you through every step. High quality CPR and the use of AED on a person in cardiac arrest greatly increases a persons chances of survival.

Click Here for information on CPR/First Aid classes 


HeartSafe Community

Current AED Locations
These are the current locations of all AEDs on campus. (UM AED map 2014)

  • Alfond Sports Arena – 1st Floor
  • Alfond Sports Arena – Trainers Room Portable
  • Chadbourne Hall – Lobby
  • Collins Center for the Arts
  • Cutler Health Center – Next to Ambulance Bay
  • Emera Astronomy Center – Lobby
  • Facilities Management – Lobby
  • Fogler Library – East Entrance
  • Hilltop Commons – Dining Area
  • Lengyel Hall – Lobby
  • Mahaney Dome – Northwest Entrance
  • Maine Bound Adventure Center – Near Bathroom
  • Memorial Gym – Field House Hallway
  • Memorial Gym – Kessock Training Room
  • Memorial Gym – Wallace Pool
  • Memorial Union – Dining Area
  • Memorial Union – Info Desk
  • New Balance Student Recreation Center – 1st Floor North Entrance
  • New Balance Student Recreation Center – 1st Floor Pool
  • New Balance Student Recreation Center – 2nd Floor
  • New Balance Student Recreation Center – Portable Unit
  • University of Maine Police Department – Lobby
  • University of Maine Police Department – Vehicles (4)
  • University Volunteer Ambulance Corps – Car 1
  • Wells Commons – 1st Floor Dining Area
  • Wells Commons – 2nd Floor Conference Center
  • York Commons – Dining Area


 AED’s on campus are typically stored in a wall-mounted cabinet.

Please do not open unless an emergency exists.

If you accidentally open one and the alarm goes off, please call the University of Maine Police at 207.581.4040 and let the dispatcher know it was accidental.

For all Emergencies – Dial 911