New member orientation
New member orientation, practicing how to backboard

Approximately every other week voluntary training classes put on by the licensed UVAC personnel are held. Topics are completely dependent on the skill set of the student teaching and can range from scene safety to effective communication to sport injury prevention! Though the courses are generally aimed more toward the licensed EMTs of the service so they can collect continuing education hours, all members are welcome to join and encouraged to attend. Often times, UVAC also invites the surrounding areas to receive some new classes and knowledge-base for training.

Learning-Based Service
Unlike many Emergency services, UVAC has the rare opportunity to be able to perform as a learning-based service. A learning-based service is a service in which inexperienced, or even unlicensed EMTs/personnel, are allowed to become a member. Once a member, UVAC facilitates a safe and respectful teaching environment so all members can become better care providers and expand their wealth of medical/emergency knowledge.