About UVAC

Proudly Serving the UMaine Community
UVAC is a student volunteer organization, which offers University of Maine students unique learning and leadership opportunities by delivering emergency medical services both on the UMaine campus and to surrounding communities. A state licensed emergency medical service, UVAC provides quality emergency medical care to those who live on, work on, or visit the University of Maine.

The service consists of about 65 volunteers – a combination of students and staff from various University departments, as well as a few alumni members. Over 60 percent of the members are EMTs, while others serve as drivers and assistants. All share a common interest in helping others. Operating as part of Auxiliary Services, UVAC members volunteer nearly 30,000 hours to the campus community each year. We respond to approximately 500 calls per school year.

On Duty Crew
The on duty crew consists of one licensed emergency medical technician, trained driver and attendant. While on duty, each member of the on duty crew carries a radio and pager. They are dispatched by University of Maine Police Department and respond with the ambulance located at Cutler Health Center. The use of radios and pagers enables students to attend classes and go about their daily routines with minimal interruption.

Becoming a UVAC Member
You don’t have to have previous medical training to join UVAC. Anyone who is interested is encouraged to join at anytime! Please contact us or fill out an online application.