Frequently Asked Questions

What is UVAC?
The University Volunteer Ambulance Corps is a licensed ambulance service that serves the University of Maine community. We are a service comprised of students and staff members from the University of Maine, as well as a small number of alumni.

Do you have to be an EMT to join UVAC?
No, licensure as an EMT is not required to join. We have roles for everyone to help serve the community, without having any prior experience.

Does UVAC have EMTs on the ambulance?
Yes. There is always at least one EMT on the ambulance. Frequently there are multiple licensed individuals working.

Does UVAC train people?
Yes, UVAC holds weekly trainings for members and the general public, and has the ability to send members to various courses. (PHTLS, WEMT, etc.) The EMT course is available at Eastern Maine Community College (EMCC) in Bangor each semester. UVAC does not cover the cost for members to get their EMT.

Does it cost anything to join UVAC? Are there dues?
The only costs to members of UVAC is for appropriate uniform pants and footwear. All polo shirts are issued by UVAC to each member.

What is the commitment that you have to make to join?
To maintain an active status with the service, individuals must work at least 22 hours per semester, attend 1 monthly Member’s Meetings and a minimum of 2 trainings per semester.

How do the shifts work?
Crews may go about their regular schedule (attend classes, meetings, etc.), but they must remain on campus. Day shifts are flexible and can be scheduled around classes. Night shifts start at 1900 and go until 0800 the next day. It is mandatory that all on-duty crew members respond to a call if paged out.

What are the age ranges of individuals on UVAC?
UVAC has individuals of all ages from 18 years of age and older.

How is UVAC funded?
UVAC is funded through Auxiliary Services, with much of its budget coming from bills paid by patients who are transported.

Does UVAC provide service everyday?
Every day that school is in session, UVAC is providing service. The service does not normally run during Winter, Spring or Summer semester breaks.

Does UVAC transport sick and injured people?
Yes, UVAC transports individuals to St. Joseph Hospital and Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor.

Who do I call to get more information?
You can call 207-581-4037 for the on-duty UVAC crew. You can also visit us at our Facebook page or email us at