Our Leadership Team

The leadership of UVAC is made up of a talented group of student-officers who are hired each year to serve in specific leadership roles. Officers are interviewed and hired based upon their commitment to service, leadership experience, and EMS/operational knowledge. The student officers ensure that the needs of the service and members are met. Including: hiring of new members, training and mentoring new medical providers, and ensuring equipment and supplies are well maintained. These tasks are completed in addition to attending classes as UMaine students.

The UVAC Chief of Service is an employee of the University of Maine, and serves as an advisor to the student officers and provides leadership and guidance for all members. This position is hired directly by the University, while student officers are internal hirings that are conducted each Spring by the Chief of Service and employees of the University that are involved with UVAC.


The Administrative Advisor provides guidance to ensure UVAC is operated within the policies and procedural guidelines of the University of Maine. This includes assisting with the management of contractual relationships, billing and reimbursement for services, and strategic planning for the long term viability of the service. In addition, the Administrative Advisor helps to ensure we are compliant with federal, state, and university regulations, including HIPAA and FERPA, and assists with budgeting and procurement of funds and equipment.

Richard Young ’81, ’92G, MEd., CMPE, has been a part of UVAC’s operations since 1995 and has been the university’s Auxiliary Services representative for UVAC since 2006. Dick has been a Lecturer in the College of Education and Human Development since 1987 and is currently UMaine’s Auxiliary Operations Director, a position he has held since 2009.


Chief of Service

The Chief of Service is responsible for coordinating the University Volunteer Ambulance Service (UVAC) and for providing vision, leadership and direction for UVAC members. He or she maintains a visible and responsive presence within the University of Maine community and local area communities, through collaborating with local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Fire Services. They serve as a representative of UVAC with the department of Safety and Environmental Management and the University of Maine Police Department. He or she serves as a representative with Regional EMS committees and is responsible for managing and maintaining Mutual Aid agreements with area EMS and Fire agencies while ensuring compliance with state EMS licensure requirements.


Student Chief of Service

Provides daily administrative and operational oversight to the service, and works in conjunction with the Chief of Service to maintain budget goals. The Student Chief also ensures compliance and accurate updating of the Maine EMS & Fire Incident Reporting System (MEFIRS). In addition, he or she conducts ongoing evaluations of the other student officers. The Student Chief also participates in On-Duty Supervisor rotations, and interfaces with mutual aid agencies and departments on campus to ensure the goals of education and leadership are maintained.