Known issues with UMaine’s WordPress system

The UMaine website design— ‘theme’ in WordPress terms— is complex, and there are known issues you may encounter:

  • Scheduling feature does not work
    There is a built-in feature in WordPress where you can create a post or page, and schedule it to publish at a date/time in the future. The feature utilizes a scheduled task system in WordPress that we have offloaded to a secondary server in order to optimize the performance of our public website. As a result, this does not work in our WordPress environment. We are working to address this known issue.
  • Content blocks re-arrange when editing an existing page
    If you have used content blocks to build a page with a flexible, mobile-friendly layout, you may have found that the page elements occasionally re-arrange when you open a page to edit. Typically, a block you expect to find at the top of your page has moved down toward the bottom. Although the element will stay aligned horizontally, this vertical re-arrangement can be frustrating.
    We have two workarounds to cope with this known issue:

    1. Minimize the number of blocks you use on a page. If you are stacking multiple “rich text” content blocks together, consider combining the text within a single rich text block.
    2. View the published page in a separate window. The re-arrangement will not affect your published page until you save your changes; if you suspect your content has re-arranged, open the page for viewing in a separate browser window, and you can use that as a guide to move content blocks back into place.