Important: Known issue with saving Content Blocks pages

We have identified an issue with pages using the Content Blocks editor that can result in a page not updating as expected.

If you open a block for editing, the editor window for the content of the block will have a “save” button to update the block within the overall page editor. The problem arises because editing a block is only the first step on making an update to a content blocks page— once your change is made, the page itself needs to be updated by clicking the “update” button in the page editor itself.

If that update button is not clicked, you may leave the page editor and your changes will not be saved— the page will remain unchanged.

Likewise, if you are editing a page using content blocks and click on a block used as a link (for example, the image or slider content blocks) the editor may follow that link, taking you away from the page.

Sites that make extensive use of the older Content Blocks editor are encouraged to contact Digital Communications, we can help plan a transition to the newer Gutenberg editor and its features.