Menu content block and mobile device display

The menu content block can be a handy page element to display a list of links in a button or list format, and is especially useful when that same set of links needs to be maintained across multiple pages. There is a known display issue with the menu content block’s “Blue horizontal buttons” display option […]

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New menu style available (horizontal navigation for site sections)

The UMaine website design allows for site navigation as a horizontal bar below your website header title and image. This is sufficient for many sites, but larger websites do need “sub-section” navigation for better usability. To date, this has been accomplished using the sidebar template on pages where a secondary menu can appear. Our Digital Communications […]

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Menu Content Block highlighted

Menu content block

Last semester we debuted a new content block for menus. This will allow you to add links to a web page in one of several menu formats: Bulleted list of links Vertical menu, similar to the sidebar menus Button bar menu, similar to the “call to action” widget If you have used the custom menu […]

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