DownEast Maine

Four Lighthouses to Visit to Get the True Maine Experience

When you think of Maine, do you think of a lighthouse? This is a widespread association for the state, perhaps even the most popular (after lobster, of course). When you realize that Maine has 65 different lighthouses spread amongst the state, you can see a fair association. Today, we have decided to go over 4 […]

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walking in the woods with Harry

Taft Point Preserve, Gouldsboro

Taft Point Preserve is part of the Frenchman Bay Conservancy with  65 acres of woodlands and a half mile of ocean frontage. The phenomenal views of Schoodic Mountain, Stave Island, the Acadia mountains ad Schiefflen Point are worth the walk. It was a beautiful day in May. The drive from the Bangor area to Gouldsboro […]

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Maine is naturally very hilly and forested, and so it has become a great place to find the perfect hike! Because our hills are variable in terms of their difficulty, length, and height, so there is a hike for almost everyone! The Appalachian Trail is a major part of our trail infrastructure, snaking its way […]

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Valentine's Day

Romantic Maine

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Maine has plenty of romantic getaways. If you have been dreaming of getting away from the hustle and bustle to unwind and relax, take a look at these beautiful B&B’s in our different regions. Western Maine The Grand Victoria Inn B&B is located in Bethel; a quaint […]

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Maine’s Historical Sites

Maine is filled to the brim with incredible history in many forms! Each of our regions have plenty of historical sites to explore, a few of which we have highlighted here! Not only are these great for education, but many of the historical sites that Maine hosts are also great for sightseeing, and there is […]

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Downhill Skiing Aroostook County


In this new series of blog posts, we will explore different gems throughout the three regions that Undiscovered Maine focuses on. This week, we are looking at the wonderful skiing trips that you can plan, whether that be this winter or next! Maine has plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities in winter. Despite Maine’s mountains […]

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Maine Solar System - Neptune

4 Unusual Sights In Northern Maine That Are Worth The Drive

Have you ever seen a tree that instead of being full of fruit, is filled by boots, sneakers, and sandals? If you’re in Maine, then there’s no reason why you can’t! Maine has an amazing array of unique sights that you may not even know about and all of which are worth the trip.  Below […]

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Eastport harbor

Eastport Area

The Undiscovered group is traveling to Eastport this weekend on a “trade mission!” We will be visiting a variety of small businesses and touring Raye’s Mustard factory as well as Tide Mill Creamery, in addition to a variety of other small businesses! We also plan to go to Shackford Head State Park to capture the […]

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The Forks Area

This month, warm weather is well on the way! Despite April being known for rain and mud, there is still plenty to do outside. This week, we’re focusing on The Forks out in Western Maine. Regarding attractions, there are plenty of sightseeing opportunities, such as Moxie Falls or even moose-watching in the surrounding area. Check out […]

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Hot Air Balloons in Presque Isle

Presque Isle Area

It’s finally warming up outside. With spring finally here and the snow melting, head up to Presque Isle, where there is a lot of local history to immerse oneself in! Many people don’t know that the first trans-Atlantic hot-air balloon flight took off from Presque Isle in 1978. A monument commemorates the Double Eagle II. […]

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