Maine Whoopie Pie Festival

The Whoopie Pie Festival

Have you heard of Maine’s Whoopie Pie Festival? Held yearly in Dover-Foxcroft, this festival pays homage to the sweet treat. Since 2011, the whoopie pie festival has been Maine’s official treat. For anyone who isn’t aware, a whoopie pie is comprised of two soft cookies with a whipped filling sandwiched between the two. Whoopie pies […]

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Blueberry Basket

Mimi’s Maine Blueberry Cobbler

Maine is already known for the famously grown blueberries, but what could make them better? Mimi’s Maine Blueberry Cobbler could enhance the amazing blueberry experience. The recipe can be found HERE, or can be viewed below! My family is one that loves their deserts after dinner, so this will have to become something that I […]

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Freshly made ployes

Maine Recipe: Ployes

Ployes If you’re from Northern Maine, you know what a ploye is. For anyone who isn’t, it’s a French-Acadian food, made of buckwheat flour. They’re often compared to a pancake or a crepe, though they’re a bit different from both of them. For many french families in Maine, they’re a staple. I grew up in […]

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Baked Macaroni and Cheese with a Twist + Maple Cashew Bark

Maine, and New England as a whole, is home to many comfort foods that are perfect for any time of year. Macaroni and cheese is a staple in many parts of the U.S., but try out this recipe from New England Today for a special baked macaroni and cheese that has tomatoes and sausage in […]

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Loons on Flagstaff lake

Green Bean Casserole and Steamed Chocolate Pudding

Green bean casserole is a dish enjoyed by many during the colder months of the year. It’s one of those things you come to expect at a New England dinner table, and makes the perfect side dish for a number of different proteins, or even as a standalone dish! It’s got everything you would want […]

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Aroostook Barn

New England Boiled Dinner and Spider Cake

Today’s recipes will be different from what we have done in the past, in that they will stray away from the two cookbooks that we have been using since the start of this series. Today’s recipes come from Yankee Magazine and Kitchn, though the recipes are still very New England all the same! Boiled dinner […]

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Aroostook Deer

Maine Baked Beans and Blueberry Gingerbread

Baked beans are a New England staple. They are one of those dishes that every family has their own unique recipe for! Try out this recipe below, and enjoy a slow-cooked, rich and hearty meal that really grounds you in what it means to be a New Englander! For dessert, try out this recipe for […]

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Aroostook Otters

Lamb Stew and Cheese Garlic Biscuits

Maine has been experiencing quite a few storms lately, so it’s time to make something hearty that will be sure to keep you warm and full while the nor’easters fly outside! Today, try out this recipe for a delicious lamb stew, that comes with optional dumplings. If you would rather, what follows is another recipe […]

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Fishing Canoe

Salt Cod Dinner and Butter Crunch

As is known by most, Maine is famous for its seafood. A salt cod dinner is such a quintessentially Maine meal that it just had to be put here. The cod is served with potatoes and beets, and this recipe makes enough for 6 people! The fish is served on a hot platter with the […]

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Road in Fort Fairfield During Winter

Hearty Casserole and Raspberry Buckle

A casserole dish is a versatile tool! In them, one can make any number of different dishes, both savory and sweet. In this case, a warm and hearty casserole is sure to make you feel full and cozy during this cold spell! To satisfy the evening sweet tooth, this recipe for raspberry buckle has it […]

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