Sexual Assault Prevention Training

The University of Maine System, and all of its campuses, are dedicated to creating a positive and safe environment for employees and students alike. In pursuit of this positive and safe environment, and to be in compliance with guidance and federal laws, we are pleased to provide some excellent and relevant training around sexual assault, dating and domestic violence and stalking. The trainings include our university policies that have been updated to reflect the spirit and requirements of the guidance and newly enacted federal laws. 


As a reminder, it is essential that all students take the Sexual Assault Prevention Training online.

This Get Inclusive training can be accessed here:

Faculty & Staff:

University of Maine Infobase Title IX Module: Once logged in, the link to the Title IX Module can be found at

UMS Employee Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training Script


If you don’t have a MaineStreet account and/or password, you can access these trainings using the following login credentials:

Username: Maine_Volunteer

Password: learn

For training questions, please contact Title IX Student Services by phone at 207.581.1406 or email

Trainings Completed

In-Person / Virtual Trainings

The University of Maine has sponsored a variety of Title IX related trainings for our community. Below, you can review the content of these trainings and reach out to Title IX Student Services at 207-581-1406 if you would like further information.

Residence Life:

Res Life Staff Training



Student-Athlete Training Pt. 1

Student-Athlete Training Pt. 2

Student-Athlete Training Pt. 3

Student-Athlete Training Pt. 4

Student-Athlete Training Pt. 5

Athletics Staff Training


Greek Life:

Fraternities & Sororities Pt. 1

Fraternities & Sororities Pt. 2


Rape Response Services:

Title IX Overview Pt. 1

Title IX Overview Pt. 2


Study Abroad:

Sexual Assault Prevention


First Year Students: