The University of Maine is committed to preventing and intervening in all forms of gender discrimination which includes sexual assault and sexual harassment, and can also include relationship abuse and stalking. We strongly urge students who have been impacted by gender discrimination to take action, including using the support services identified and/or pursuing criminal and student conduct action.

The University strongly encourages students to seek out the assistance of the support services listed below. These resources can work to assist with accommodations such as the following:

  • No Contact Directive

  • Academic Accommodations

  • Change in Living Arrangements

  • Access to Health & Counseling Services

  • Safety Escorts & Safety Planning

Privacy will be respected to the fullest extent possible. Requests for confidentiality may limit the University’s ability to respond to a report.

Many University employees are required by law to report all complaints of gender discrimination to the Deputy Title IX Coordinator even when the complainant requests no action to be taken. When an incident is reported the University will investigate the complaint and take necessary action to protect the individual and the community.

We have a wealth of resources right here on campus and in the surrounding communities.  Most resources are available at no cost.  Please see below to find out about the resources available to you and those you know.

For additional information about Title IX Sexual Harassment and Sex Discrimination, please visit

Support Services

For Emergencies: University of Maine Police Department, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,

Dial 911 from campus telephones; or

Dial 207-581-4040 from other phones


For On-Call Dean: Call 207-581-4040 and ask to speak with the on-call Dean


Deputy Title IX Coordinator: Division of Student Life, Title IX Student Services

Heather Hogan: 207-581-1485


For Student Conduct Complaints: University of Maine Office of Community Standards, Rights, & Responsibilities

David Fiacco: 207-581-1406


For Student Legal Aid: Student Legal Services

Sean O’Mara: 207-581-1789

Confidential Resources

University of Maine Counseling Center:

Monday – Friday 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Dial 207-581-1392

If you need to speak with a counselor after regular work hours, you can arrange this through the University of Maine Police Department by dialing:

911 from campus telephones; or 207-581-4040 from other telephones

Video: Healing After Sexual Assault & Intimate Partner Violence


Cutler Health Center:

Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Dial 207-581-4000


Confidential Resource Advisor:

Jen England

Dial 207-581-4014

120 Cutler Health Center

Community Resources

Partners for Peace

Hotline: 1.800.863.9909

Web: Partners for Peace


Rape Response Services

Hotline: 1.800.871.7741

Web: Rape Response Services