Federal Form I-9

The Federal I-9 Form is the official Employment Eligibility Verification document.  DO NOT complete prior to visiting the Office of Student Employment – this form MUST be completed in person. 

Who needs to complete this document?

  • All new, first-time employees of the University of Maine
  • Students who have not worked for the University in the past 12 months

Students needing to complete the Federal I-9 Form must provide official documents proving identity and employment authorization. For a complete list of acceptable documentation, check the list of acceptable documents, also located on page nine of the Federal I-9 Form.

The Federal I-9 Form MUST be completed within 3 business days of the student’s first day of employment.  It is advised that students come into our office IMMEDIATELY following being hired by an employer to comply with this regulation. If an I-9 is not completed for a student within 3 business days of beginning work, they will be required to STOP working until all required paperwork is completed. Reminders for those missing paperwork will be sent to both the supervisor and newly hired student.