Types of Summer Aid

Federal Pell Grants (undergraduates only)

If you were eligible for a Federal Pell Grant and you were not enrolled full-time during the previous fall and/or spring semesters, you may be eligible for a Pell Grant for summer.  Some students may be eligible even if enrolled less than half-time for summer.

Federal Direct Loans

A common source of financial aid for students who require assistance while attending Summer Session is the Direct Loan.  To be eligible you must be enrolled at least half-time.  We can only recognize the actual number of weeks you are enrolled. Federal Direct Loans are only available to students enrolled at least half time for summer, and eligibility is based on cost of attendance and contingent on there being loan eligibility available from the academic year.

Summer Federal Work-Study

The Summer Federal Work-Study Program provides students who demonstrate financial need with an opportunity to work during the summer.  These funds are intended to assist you with educationally related expenses for the upcoming 2022-2023 academic year.  Eligibility is determined using information from your 2021-2022 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To be eligible for summer federal work-study you are required to submit an application by the deadline. Check out the student employment website for more information https://umaine.edu/studemp/.

Other Financial Aid

If you received a scholarship, waiver, or other benefit during the fall and spring semesters, check with the source of that assistance to see if you can receive it for Summer Session.  If so, you must notify the financial aid office.  You may also explore alternatives such as Federal Direct PLUS Loan, Federal Additional Unsubsidized Loans (for independent or dependent students whose parents were denied a PLUS Loan) or private alternative student education loans.  Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid for further details.