Applying for Summer Aid

The best time to meet with an financial aid advisor for a specific estimate of your summer financial aid eligibility is after you have registered for Summer Session. If you cannot register early, at least determine which classes you plan to take before meeting with a financial aid advisor for an estimate of your financial aid eligibility.

To see if you are eligible for summer aid you must fill out the summer application which will then be reviewed by a financial aid advisor.
To apply using our summer application please use the following link: Apply Now!

You must complete the application to determine if you are eligible for Federal Direct Loans. Loan funds will not be available until the first day of your first summer course. The processing of your loan application will be delayed further for any or all of the following reasons:

  • if your enrollment is less than half-time
  • if you are enrolled for fewer credit hours than you indicated when we estimated your loan eligibility
  • if it appears that you will be advancing a grade level, in which case we must wait until all of your grades are posted
  • if your eligibility for any additional aid is still pending