It is the goal of the Office of Student Financial Aid to make the UMaine financial aid process as easy as possible for students and their families. Our office is required to adhere to specific federal privacy regulations in regards to releasing the student’s financial information.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA, is a Federal law which protects the privacy of student education records. Once a student either turns 18 years of age or attends a school beyond the high school level, all education privacy rights transfer to the student.

The University of Maine System has designated August 15 as the point at which an applicant becomes a student. After this date, a signed Student Consent to Release Information Form (PDF) is required in order to speak to anyone other than the student about the student’s personal information.

Personal information includes: academic information such as the student’s schedule, instructors, grades, GPA, suspension, requests for official or unofficial transcripts, etc.; all financial aid information specific to the student; billing information and charges. The form must be signed by the student and must be filled out completely. Once the form is completed, submit it to the Office of Student Records either by mail at 5781 Wingate Hall, Room 100, Orono, Maine 04469-5781 or via fax at 207.581.1314.