Summer Checklist

The following checklist is available to help you prepare for Summer and determine your financial aid eligibility:

1. Apply For Federal Financial Aid

Be sure to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

2. Plan Ahead

A financial aid advisor can help you put together a plan at any time during the year.  In fact, you may need to adjust your financial aid plans for the fall and spring semesters to ensure that you have some remaining eligibility for the summer.

3. Decide How Many Classes You Will Take

Most financial aid programs have certain requirements regarding the minimum number of credit hours you must take in order to be eligible. The definition of “full-time” or “half-time” during the Summer Session is typically the same as during any semester.* Your enrollment level is determined by your total number of credit hours for the entire summer, including May Term.  Use the table below to help you determine your enrollment status based on how many credits you will be enrolling in:

Credit Hours Enrollment Credit Hours Enrollment
12 or more full-time 1 or more full-time
9 – 11 ¾ time
6 – 8 half-time
1 –5 less than half-time

* Summer graduate enrollment level is calculated differently than in the academic year.

4. Register for Classes

Delays in registering for all of your classes will cause delays in the processing of your financial aid. For some sources of funding (e.g., Direct Loans) processing will not occur until you are registered at least half-time.

5. Meet With a Financial Aid Advisor

If you cannot register early, at least determine which classes you plan to take before meeting with a financial aid advisor for an estimate of your financial aid eligibility.

6. Let The Bursar’s Office Know What Financial Aid You Expect to Receive

Payment of your bill for each class is due on the first day of each class. When you receive your bill in the mail, you will need to complete Anticipated Resources on your MaineStreet account indicating any aid not listed on your bill (e.g. loans, scholarships or other outside assistance). You are expected to pay the difference between your bill and your anticipated aid by the due date to avoid late fees.

7. Notify the Financial Aid Office of ANY Changes

ANY changes to your Summer Session enrollment could affect your financial aid eligibility. Contact our office if you are planning on changing your enrollment in ANY way.