Art & Poetry Series: Stellar field 1, Night

By Tanja Kunz


Stellar field 1

Stellar field 1, oil on canvas, 36″x36″



Back in the beginning, when the world exploded,

the winged,
the two and four legged,
the rooted and the swimming,

we were all specks, suspended in the galaxy.

Tiny lights, they say.

Around then, or not long afterwards, gravity came to be.

And with it, that particular way we fall.

And so things started to fall, as they do now,

into place.

It was also around that time, or not long afterwards,

when the thing that holds us all together somehow,

came into being.

And in this way, things did.

They started to come together somehow.

But that was a long time ago, so we humans, we often forget.

Because we often do forget these sorts of things.

Like how things come together.

And when we forget, we set out searching, with our only human longing.
Yearning for forgotten pieces.

And sometimes in this ecstasy, we end up there again,
staring at the sky and those tiny specks of light,

trying to remember.

And it seems, in the moments when we do,

it’s the stars, casting their light familiar,

who remember our lost pieces,