Submit to Spire

Spire welcomes submissions from scholars and community members alike. Submissions should in some way concern the environment, conservation and/or sustainability. Among other subjects, submissions might touch on current developments, ongoing issues, new scientific findings, or artistic insights on environmental themes.

Since Spire is at its heart an interdisciplinary endeavor, members of any field or background are encouraged to submit. The more diversity, the better! Therefore, submissions could take any number of forms, including but not limited to:

  • An essay on an environmentally-relevant topic
  • An article detailing a project or study in which the author has participated
  • A collection of data gathered by the author
  • A journalism piece highlighting a specific environmental issue
  • Artwork, photography or other digital media
  • A narrative or poem

Submissions to Spire must help to further dialogue around conservation and/or sustainability. Therefore, the primary purpose of accepted submissions will not be to advertise any particular organization, group or company, but will rather be to inform and prompt new thinking in an audience. 

General Submission Guidelines

  • All submissions should be sent to the Editorial Team at
  • The email subject line for all submissions should include the contestant’s last name and the words “Submission to Spire.” Example: LastName_Submission to Spire. 
  • In the body of the submission email, please provide a brief description of your piece including your field of study (if applicable).

Guidelines for Submission Types

Submissions of typed documents

  • All typed documents should be submitted in a .docx or .pdf file as an attachment.

Submissions of computer generated artwork

  • File Formats: Please submit computer generated artwork in a PDF, TIFF, PNG or high-quality JPEG file.

Submissions of physically rendered artwork:

  • Lighting Condition: A physical piece must be photographed in a brightly lit room without a camera flash.
  • Image Quality: Please photograph all artwork with a DSLR, Digital Scanner, or other high-quality recording device. (Avoid cell-phones, for example.)
  • File Formats: Please submit photographed artwork in a PDF, TIFF, or high-quality JPEG file.

Submissions of photography:

  • Image Quality: Photographs should conform to aesthetic norms characteristic of high-quality photography such as proper exposure and lack of image grain. 
  • File Formats: Please submit photographed artwork in a TIFF, high-quality JPEG or PNG file. Please do not submit photographs in a RAW format.

Submissions of videography:

  • Video Format: Video submissions should be sent in a universally used format such as .mov, .mp4, or .avi.
  • Video Quality: Please do not submit videos smaller than 720 * 1080 p. Videos should conform to aesthetic norms characteristic of high-quality videos, including proper exposure, balanced audio, and lack of image grain.
  • Videos can be submitted in a number of ways, including email attachments, file transfer services (Dropbox, Google Drive), and links to video playback websites (Youtube, Vimeo).

The inaugural edition of Spire was released on May 4th, 2017.  Submissions for future editions of Spire are being fielded on an ongoing basis.