About Spire: The Maine Journal of Conservation and Sustainability

Spire is an interdisciplinary journal, housed at the University of Maine, that seeks to widely increase engagement with current environmental issues by inviting voices from diverse fields to join in the global conversation about conservation and sustainability.

This online journal is run primarily by a team of graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Maine, with involvement and support from faculty and Advisory Board members.

Our Vision – A publication that unites communities across the state of Maine to effect profound environmental change.

Our Mission – To galvanize action for conservation and sustainability by promoting impactful, awareness-raising dialogue.

Spire is interdisciplinary by nature, the journal fills a need by informing Maine residents on pressing environmental issues while also providing an expert forum for vital discussions about conservation and sustainability. Spire’s ultimate aim is to create opportunities for innovation and action across disciplines as well as communities, further establishing Maine as a leader in sustainability and conservation.

We are pleased to announce that the winner of this year’s cover art contest is Caitlyn Dauphinee. Her artwork can be seen on the cover of our 2024 issue. 

To learn more about how to submit work to Spire, please go to Submit To Spire.