Drs. Noblet and Malacarne at NAREA 2022

School of Economics Faculty Shine at Regional Economics Conference

Dr. Caroline Noblet and Dr. Jonathan Malacarne made significant contributions to the 2022 Annual Meeting of the Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association (NAREA).  Dr. Caroline Noblet, SOE Associate Professor and President of NAREA, led and organized the annual meeting held in Mystic, CT from June 12th to 14th.  Dr. Jonathan Malacarne, SOE Assistant Professor, […]

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Rubin answers the question: What does Maine need to expand electric vehicle use?

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Maine will require a broader adoption of electric vehicles, according to University of Maine economist Jonathan Rubin. Officials from the Maine Department of Transportation and other state agencies have a role to play in fueling the transition away from gas-powered cars and trucks. To guide them, Rubin, professor of economics […]

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Jonathan Rubin speaks on the Smart Prosperity Podcast

Are electric vehicles at a tipping point in Canada? The price of gasoline is spiking and suddenly so is demand for electric vehicles. Though Canada has been behind its peers when it comes to EV adoption, with 5% of new vehicle purchases being electric in 2021, that could change quickly. Are we at a […]

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Dr. Caroline Noblet presented at the National Institutes for Water Resources Annual Conference

Dr. Caroline Noblet was invited to present at the National Institutes for Water Resources Annual Conference (virtual, February 7-9, 2022). Her talk ‘Interdisciplinary Research to address Water Resource Challenges: An example from Maine’ was shared with 75+ state Water Resources Research Institutes Directors and their teams. She shared opportunities and challenges associated with interdisciplinary research, […]

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Governor Mills mentioned the results of a recent SOE research project

Maine’s Governor stated: “The investment comes after farmers and food producers who were surveyed by the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry (DACF) during the pandemic indicated that storage, processing, and packaging capacity investments were critically important to the strength of the agricultural community and the statewide economy. In fact, according to preliminary results […]

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SOE expands economic development partnership

From UMaine News (10-8-2021) The Economic Development Administration has awarded the University of Southern Maine and the University of Maine $509,000 over five years to fund the University Center for Economic Development, a collaboration of experts from the University of Maine System that will provide technical assistance and research for the implementation of the state’s […]

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Alum Ewa J. Kleczyk newest publication

Leveraging Advanced Analytics to Understand the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Trends in Substance Use Disorders   by Ewa J. Kleczyk, Jill Bana and Rishabh Arora Abstract Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) caused an overwhelming healthcare, economic, social, and psychological impact on the world during 2020 and first part of 2021. Certain populations, especially those with Substance […]

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Prianka Sarker and Liam Sigaud

SOE Graduate Students Sarker and Sigaud reflect on attending the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Economic Association

Graduate students Prianka Maria Sarker and Liam Sigaud reflect on attending the Canadian Economic Association’s annual conference Prianka Maria Sarker and Liam Sigaud, both graduate students in the School of Economics, recently attended the 55th Annual Conference of the Canadian Economics Association, hosted (virtually) by Simon Fraser University. Attended by more than 400 economists, this […]

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