Positions at Mid Coast Hospital in the Behavioral Health Division.

This posting is for a 40 hour position that would work until 8pm three days per week co-facilitating an evening IOP, completing assessments, and doing an outpatient group. While the listing says you need to be fully licensed,  we do accept conditionally licensed clinicians, too. This position works out of our Brunswick office: https://www.careersatmainehealth.org/jobs/1150161-behavioral-health-clinician-iii

All of these have a $10,000 bonus attached, too. 1/3 is given at the time of hire, 1/3 is given at six months, and 1/3 is given at one year post-hire. Newly graduated (and licensed!) clinicians are eligible for all of these roles.

This position is for a 32 hour position that spends 16 hours in the psychiatric partial hospital program (PHP) and 16 hours in the Addiction Resource Center (ARC). The responsibilities include facilitating PHP groups, OP-level groups, and completing assessments. 32 hour positions are benefitted the same way that 40 hour positions are. This position works out of our Brunswick office. https://www.careersatmainehealth.org/jobs/994105-behavioral-health-clinician-ii and https://www.careersatmainehealth.org/jobs/1022763-behavioral-health-clinician-iii

This position is for a 35 hour position that spends 20 hours per week doing community-based “recovery coaching” connected to the Sagadahoc County Sheriff’s Office and 15 hours facilitating groups and completing assessments in our Damariscotta office. This position is also benefitted the same as a 40 hour position. (please note – the “recovery coaching” we do is not the same as the CIPSS or SUD-related recovery coaching; this is connected to the criminal justice system and we are expanding to include a Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) treatment component, too): https://www.careersatmainehealth.org/jobs/1143899-behavioral-health-clinician-ii