The School of Social Work offers these scholarships:

Pat I. Richard Scholarship – Undergraduate Students

Ms. Pat. I. Richards is a 1983 graduate of the University of Maine BSW program. Recipients of the scholarship are undergraduate University of Maine social work majors with demonstrated financial need.  (There are not yet available funds for this scholarship.)

Social Justice Social Work Scholarship

Each year one or two students will receive this scholarship based on the following criteria:  1.  Being in good academic standing; 2.  Having financial need; 3.  Demonstrating a commitment to social, economic and/or environmental justice; 4.  Expecting pursued a professional path in one of these fields.  Preference will be given to BSW students.

Catharine Wilder Guiles Scholarship – Graduate MSW Students

The Catharine Wilder Guiles Scholarship was created by Ms. Guiles and established at the Maine Community Foundation.  The purpose of the scholarship fund is to support students enrolled in the MSW program at the University of Maine. In accordance with Ms. Guiles wishes, two Scholarships will be awarded to specialized year (advanced year) University of Maine social work students who are in good academic standing, with demonstrated commitment and potential to work in the public/non-profit mental health/behavioral health sector in Maine.  Applicants must show demonstrated critical and significant financial need and be residents of the State of Maine.  The amount of funding varies each year.  The scholarship may be applied towards tuition, books, university fees, and housing. Applications are typically disbursed in the Spring semester.

Dr. Kimberly Strom-Gottfried ’80 Scholarship – Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Dr. Kim Strom-Gottfried is a 1980 graduate of the University of Maine BSW program.  The fund is divided equally to provide scholarship assistance to one undergraduate and one graduate student with financial need who are enrolled in social work at the University of Maine.  First preference is given to students with junior status, leadership potential and commitment to the field.  Scholarship is distributed only when funds are available and the amount varies year to year.

Professor John M. Romanyshyn Student Support Fund

This fund was established in honor of a professor who helped a student experiencing significant life challenges.  That student established this fund to assist students who face significant family or life challenges that affect their ability to remain in school.  Both BSW and MSW students are eligible.  Scholarship amounts depend on funding availability.

Coverdell Fellows Scholarship – Graduate MSW Students – Past Peace Corps Volunteers

The Paul D. Coverdell Fellows program is a graduate fellowship program that offers financial assistance to returned Peace Corps Volunteers. The Coverdell Fellows program provides a great opportunity for returned Peace Corps Volunteers to continue their service to underserved communities while also pursuing graduate studies at a reduced cost.  For more information about this scholarship visit Coverdell Fellows Scholarship

The University of Maine Regional Graduate Scholarship – Graduate MSW Students

The Regional Graduate Scholarship reduces out-of-state tuition for specific programs. Visit the Regional Graduate Scholarship webpage at the Graduate school for more information.