Abby Frutchey, MSW Student, Attends National Drug Court Professional Conference

Congratulations to Abby Frutchey, MSW student, and a member of the National Association of Drug Court Professional (NADCP).  Abby is a person living in long term recovery and a 2006 graduate of the Washington County Adult Drug Treatment Court.  She became a member of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals in 2016 and has participated in the NADCP peer engagement sessions across the country. As a member of NADCP, Abby was invited by the US Surgeon General and the Office of National Drug Control Policy to attend a conference at the White House on the Opioid crisis. NADCP recently received a grant award of four million dollars by the Office of National Drug Control Policy.  Along with receiving the grant award NADCP members discussed the impact treatment courts have had on graduates such as Abby, recommendations for addressing the opioid crisis and justice reform. Since 2012, Abby has worked as a direct service substance abuse treatment provider in the Washington Country Adult Drug Treatment Court since. She is also a supervisor for the Hancock County Adult Drug Treatment Court since 2017.

Abby Frutchey at Drug Court Conterence