Criteria for Faculty Membership

To become a faculty member in the Maine Center for Research in STEM Education (RiSE Center), the applicant must (1) hold an appointment to the graduate faculty from his/her home department; (2) possess an earned doctorate in a STEM, STEM education or a related field; and (3) demonstrate consistent involvement in both the scholarship and the programs, projects, and professional community of STEM education This consistent involvement typically requires at least one item from each of the two lists below:

  1. Consistent involvement in scholarship may be demonstrated by publications in refereed journals or as book chapters, written artifacts from curriculum development, publication in a practitioner journal or conference proceedings, or development of an evaluation/assessment report.
  2. Consistent involvement in the programs, projects, and professional community may be demonstrated by attending, organizing, and/or presenting work at conferences, participation on graduate student thesis committees, reviewing proposals for conferences, research plans or articles, involvement with an education research or curriculum development/implementation project, outreach to teachers, schools, or the community, or involvement with state or local organizations or schools.

To be considered for membership, the applicant provides a letter of application and a curriculum vitae, and presents a colloquium related to his/her area of scholarship. In addition to the criteria above, the quality of this presentation will also be considered as part of the review of the applicant. Acceptance of a new faculty member to the RiSE Center requires a majority vote of approval from current RiSE faculty members.

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