RiSE Center Alumni

In 2003, the RiSE Center’s first graduate, Jeffrey Owen, received a Master of Science in Teaching degree with a concentration in Earth Science. Since then, over 120 graduate students have completed the MST program and have gone on to or continued successful careers in education, as well as research, consulting, and other areas.

Electronic theses and dissertations are available in the UMaine Digital Commons RiSE Center collections.

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August 2022

  • Hazel Cashman: Middle School Teacher, Maine
  • Emilie Oesterlin: Medical Physicist Assistant, Maine
  • Anupam Raj

May 2022

  • Gabrielle Brodek: 4-H Science Youth Development Professional, UMaine Cooperative Extension
  • Eliza Jacobs: Research Assistant, Gulf of Maine Research Institute
  • Paul Wilson

December 2021

  • Brianna DeGone

August 2021

  • Anna Tyrina

May 2021

  • Peter Colesworthy
  • Michael Dudley

August 2020

  • Amelia (Mia) Callahan [Generalist]: Elementary School Teacher, Maine
  • Erin Doran: Middle School Teacher, Maine
  • Christina (Chrissy) Siddons [Generalist]: Research and Evaluation Coordinator, RiSE Center, UMaine
  • Samuel (Sam) Ward
  • Justin Willis [Generalist]

May 2020

  • Jeremy Bernier [Mathematics]

December 2019

  • Camden Bock: STEM Ed PhD Student, Research Assistant, UMaine College of Education and Human Development
  • Clint Eaton

August 2019

  • Connor Chu

May 2019

  • Bryn Keenhold: High School Teacher, Vermont
  • Emma Toth

December 2018

  • Laura Millay: Assessment and Institutional Research Analyst, OIRA, UMaine (previously Research and Evaluation Coordinator, RiSE Center)

August 2018

  • Grace (Gonnella) Coffe [Physical Sci/Mathematics]: High School Physics Teacher, Maine
  • Molly Picillo [Life Science]

May 2018

  • Ethan Geheb [Physical & Life Sciences/Mathematics]: STEM Ed PhD Student, Research Assistant, UMaine College of Education and Human Development
  • Graham Hummel-Hall

December 2017

  • Kenneth Akiha: Curriculum Development Manager, Code.org (previously High School Teacher in Maine)

August 2017

  • Maura Foley [Earth Sciences]: Middle School Teacher, Connecticut
  • Derek LaBarron [Life & Physical Sci]: Special Ed Teacher’s Aide, New York
  • Savannah Lodge-Scharff [Physical Sci/Mathematics]: High School Teacher, Massachusetts

May 2017

  • William (Billy) Ferm, Jr. [Physical Sci/Mathematics]: High School Science Teacher, Maine
  • WIlliam Schlager [Generalist (Earth & Life Sci)]
  • Elizabeth (Betsy) Trenckmann [Earth & Life Sci]: High School Teacher, Maine

August 2016

  • Rachel (Short) Martin [Generalist (Life Sci)]: Assistant Professor, Natural Resource Management, South Dakota State University
  • Jennifer Tyne [Mathematics]: Deceased (3/10/1970-9/18/2022), Mathematics & Statistics Lecturer, University of Maine
  • Marina Van der Eb [Generalist (Physical Sci)]: Maine STEM Partnership Coordinator, RiSE Center, UMaine

May 2016

  • Gregory Kranich [Physics]: 4-H Science Youth Development Professional, Maine
  • Justin Lewin [Generalist (Life Sci)]: High School Science Teacher, Maine

December 2015

  • Milissa (Knox) Davis: Serenity Sensory Healing, Louisiana (previously Veterinarian, Alaska)
  • Daniel Laverty [Generalist (Physical Sci)]

August 2015

  • Joshua Case [Mathematics]: Doctoral Candidate in Educational Theory and Practice, West Virginia University

May 2015

  • Sundance Campbell [Mathematics]: Financial Advisor Morgan Stanley (previously Adjunct Professor, Husson University)
  • Jonathan Dumont [Generalist (Life Sci)]: Middle School Science Teacher, Maine
  • Ryan Weatherbee [Generalist (Marine Sci)]: Assistant Director for Assessment, OIRA, UMaine

August 2014

  • Zachary Batz [Generalist (Mathematics/Biology)]: Biologist, National Eye Institute (NEI)
  • Shahram Shawn Firouzian [Mathematics]: Mathematics Teaching Associate, University of California San Diego
  • Kendra Michaud [Generalist (Physics/Mathematics)]

May 2014

  • Daniel Bragdon [Mathematics]
  • Kalee (Gurschick) Gwarjanski [Generalist (Physics/Mathematics)]: Children’s Book Author
  • Jon Janelle [Mathematics]: Software Engineer, Garmin

December 2013

  • Levi Lucy [Physics]

August 2013

  • Mary Jean (MJ) Jones [Generalist (Life & Physical Sci)]
  • Nitisha (Mitchell) Lankhorst [Generalist (Life Sci)]: High School Life Science Teacher, Maine

May 2013

  • Evan Chase [Generalist (Physics/Mathematics)]
  • Adi Levy Conlogue [Mathematics]
  • Sarah Rizzo [Mathematics]
  • Kara Soule [Generalist (Life & Physical Sci)]: Senior Supplier Quality Engineer, Abbott Laboratories, Scarborough, Maine
  • Ashley Young [Generalist (Life & Physical Sci)]

December 2012

  • Rabindra Bajracharya [Physics]: Associate Professor of Physics, Missouri Southern State University
  • Virginia Flood [Chemistry]: Assistant Professor, Department of Learning and Instruction, University at Buffalo, SUNY

May 2012

  • Elizabeth (Liz) Burroughs [Generalist (Biology/Mathematics)]: Math Teacher and Math Science Coordinator, Chewonki, Wiscasset, Maine
  • Allison Dorko [Mathematics]: Teaching Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Oklahoma State University

December 2011

  • Katie Clegg [Life Sci]

May 2011

  • Maggie Hutchinson [General Science]: Grade 3 Teacher and Freelance Curriculum Designer, Maine
  • Casey Murphy [General Science]: Technology Teacher, Maine
  • John Stahley [Mathematics]

December 2010

  • Erik da Silva [General Science]: Associate Education Director, Bicycle Coalition of Maine

August 2010

  • William Hall [Mathematics]: Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Washington State University

August 2009

  • Mindi Kvaal Anderson [Physics]
  • Megan McOsker [General Science]
  • Kate (Hayes) Roberts [Physics]: High School Physics Teacher, Maine
  • Lisa Schultz [Earth Science]

May 2009

  • Molly (Harris) Jenkins [General Science]
  • Danielle Miniutti [General Science]

December 2008

  • Karen Abbey [Mathematics]

August 2008

  • Glen Davenport [Physics]
  • Bhupendra Nagpure [Physics]
  • Ashley (Graves) Smith [Mathematics]
  • Joel Van Deventer [Physics]
  • Adam Zukowski [Mathematics]

May 2008

  • Danielle Martin [Earth Science]

December 2007

  • Elliot Rappaport [Earth Science]

August 2007

  • Glenn Colby [Mathematics]
  • Zachary McIntyre [Mathematics]
  • Daniel Reed [Physics]

May 2007

  • Roger Feeley [Physics]
  • Jonathan Moyer [Biology]
  • Trevor Smith [Physics]
  • Medea Steinman [General Science]

December 2006

  • Matthew Leland [Chemistry]
  • Jonathan Pratt [General Science]: Assistant Head of School for Academics, Foxcroft Academy, Dover-Foxcroft, Maine

August 2006

  • David Nelson [Physics]

May 2006

  • Dina Blodgett [Mathematics]
  • Emily (Klingler) Jacesko [Earth Science]
  • Kathleen Knight [Mathematics]
  • Michael O’Brien [Physics]
  • Karen Snyder [Mathematics]
  • Adrienne Traxler [Astronomy]

December 2005

  • Michael Murphy [Physics]

August 2005

  • James (Jace) Cohen [Astronomy]
  • Katherine VerPlanck Menchen [Physics]
  • Jessica Odell [General Science]
  • Eleanor (Raulerson) Sayre [Physics]

December 2003

  • Jeffrey Owen [Earth Science]: High School Science Teacher, Maine