Professional Development Continuum

Grants 101: This Zoom workshop will cover the basics of setting up a Pivot account and how to search for funding opportunities; along with reading a funder’s call and grant writing strategies. RSVP for Oct 10th / RSVP for the Mar 12th

Finding Funding Challenge: Each day you will receive an email with short, self-paced tasks designed to build your grant seeking skills. Topics include: finding tailored funding opportunities, reading and responding to a request for proposals, creating a concept paper, and more. RSVP for Dec. 11-15

Grants Academy
Research Ambassadors 
EMPOWER Mentoring Experience


Finding Funding Challenge: “I’m really impressed with the quality, organization, and accessibility of these materials.  The process of finding funding seemed very overwhelming to me and this was such a nice guide on how to get started.” 

Grants Academy is an excellent program that helped me to understand and become comfortable with grant preparation “

Research Ambassadors has provided great opportunities for me and I truly believe that many of the connections and achievements I’ve made in my research are a result of this program. I’m incredibly grateful for…the collegial and supportive meeting atmosphere.”

EMPOWER: “I deeply enjoyed my mentoring relationship…it was productive, innovative, collaborative, practical and fun.”