Many of our development opportunities are UMS-accessible.

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Cumulative Participants: Grants Academy, Research Ambassadors, and EMPOWER

Grants 101: This Zoom workshop will cover the basics of setting up a Pivot account and how to search for funding opportunities; along with reading a funder’s call and grant writing strategies. (Annually in Oct and Mar)

Finding Funding Challenge: Each day you will receive an email with short, self-paced tasks designed to build your grant seeking skills. Topics include: finding tailored funding opportunities, reading and responding to a request for proposals, creating a concept paper, and more.  (Annually in December)

Testimonial: “I’m really impressed with the quality, organization, and accessibility of these materials.  The process of finding funding seemed very overwhelming to me and this was such a nice guide on how to get started.” ~Anonymous

The Grants Academy program supports faculty members from across the University of Maine System in the process of writing a significant external grant proposal to fund their research, scholarship, and/or creative activity. This program is an academic-year-long developmental experience designed for faculty members to increase their capacity to receive extramurally funded grants. Click Here for More Information about Grants Academy

Testimonial:I learned the importance and components of writing a concept paper, how to find funding opportunities, and gained confidence to move from internal to external grant applications.” ~ UMM Professor in Humanities

headshots of the 26 members of Grants Academy cohort

Research Ambassador Program Goals

  • Creation of an interdisciplinary, supportive, cross-campus cohort of researchers to share experiences, best practices, and peer learning opportunities.
  • Participants serve as a voice/ ambassador for researchers on their campuses; point-of-contact to increase awareness of and accessibility to resources and opportunities.
  • Project development targeting, funding opportunity identification, and proposal support for individuals/teams
  • Broaden the research footprint more intentionally statewide; create a workforce pathway for students, campuses, and the system.

Click Here for More Information about the Research Ambassador Program

Testimonial: “Research Ambassadors….has provided great opportunities for me and I truly believe that many of the connections and achievements I’ve made in my research are a result of this program. I’m incredibly grateful for…the collegial and supportive meeting atmosphere.” ~UMA Assistant Professor in STEM

15 headshots from UMS researcher participants

Multi-leveled mentorship collaboration between faculty, administrators, and leadership.

EMPOWER program supports UMaine and University of Maine at Machias faculty at multiple stages of career development in their quest to achieve significant professional growth and advancement, including in research and scholarly activity, and is offered by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School in partnership with the Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost.

Testimonial: “My mentoring experience was so beneficial, in terms of guiding me towards my first “big” NSF grant with a large PI team. The mentoring I received gave me a ton of confidence and practical advice; it helped me feel less isolated, and I don’t think I’d have felt prepared/encouraged to go up for Full Professor this fall without my mentor’s mentorship and advocacy.” ~UM Associate Professor in STEM

group of faculty members at a workshop
Faculty Development Continuum Gannt chart