Research Ambassador Program Goals

  • Creation of an interdisciplinary, supportive, cross-campus cohort of researchers to share experiences, best practices, and peer learning opportunities.
  • Participants serve as a voice/ ambassador for researchers on their campuses; point-of-contact to increase awareness of and accessibility to resources and opportunities.
  • Project development targeting, funding opportunity identification, and proposal support for individuals/teams
  • Broaden the research footprint more intentionally statewide; create a workforce pathway for students, campuses, and the system.

Research Ambassador Program Design

Monthly presentations by ORD and peers:

  • Increase awareness of UMS research resources and support
  • Faculty affiliation pathways with the UM Graduate School, Centers, and Institutes
  • Visiting Instructor of Practice- placing UM graduate students on UMS campuses  
  • New, internal RRF planning grant opportunity to promote the creation of collaborative research teams across UMS.
  • Collaborative, interdisciplinary and cross-campus research ideation and proposal development.