3 photo collage 2 students study craft design, 4 forestry students gathering data in the woods, 1 climate change researcher working on a data gathering sensor

ORD is available to discuss your specific funding needs and help identify potential internal, federal, and/or foundation opportunities; research@maine.edu.

Internal Funding Opportunities

The Office of Research Development supports the UMaine and UMS research communities in administering and promoting a range of internal funding opportunities. Internal funding resources include both long-standing programs and strategic initiatives designed to enhance areas of growth for UMaine and the System. Regular competitions include those funded by the UMS Research Reinvestment Fund, Faculty Research Fund, the Maine Economic Improvement Fund-Small Campus Initiative, and more.

External Funding Databases and Curated Opportunity Sites

Researchers, staff, and students have access to funding databases, websites, and resources to help identify opportunities to support their scholarly endeavors.