Materials Testing

Testing EquipmentThe Process Development Center offers many different testing services to support our clients’ research and development projects. Our researchers and scientists routinely analyze raw materials, process samples, extracts, effluents, and final products using a range of analytical techniques. We determine the properties of pulp and paper products using industry standard test methods and environmental conditions. Custom test devices and wet lab facilities are available to serve the specific needs of our clients.

The PDC also performs a wide range of image analysis and microscopy, including characterizing fiber morphology and digital imaging at the nano-scale.

Testing can be performed in real-time during refining, coating, extraction, and paper machine trials. The PDC’s labs also provide rapid response and problem solving support for mill trials, production interruptions and other situations requiring timely resolution.


  • Analysis of raw materials, process samples and effluents
  • Advanced microscopy
  • Physical and optical property measurement
  • Fiber quality monitoring
  • Chemical analysis of wood and pulp
  • Lab refiner curve evaluation
  • Fiber identification (wood and non-wood)
  • Printability analysis of coated and uncoated papers
  • Sheet splitting (fines and filler distributions)
  • Paper specifications development
  • Water and grease resistance determination

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