Chemical Analysis

Haixuan working in the labWhether you represent a large manufacturing facility or a small university laboratory, timely and precise information about the chemical composition of materials is vital to successful product and process development. The PDC can support your needs by providing testing of raw materials, process samples, extracts, effluents and final products.

When you work with the PDC, you gain access to state-of-the-art research equipment and technology, both at the PDC and at other research facilities on the UMaine campus, as well as the experience and expertise of our staff members. We offer our clients unparalleled service, fast response times and the use of a comprehensive selection of analytical tools.


  • Carbohydrate and lignin analyses
  • Specialized extractive testing
  • Effluent testing
  • Gas testing in compliance with ASTM d1945, ASTM d6968 and ASTM d5504
  • Fuel pellet testing (caloric value, ash, moisture, fines content)
  • Chemical analysis by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry

Our in-house gas chromatograph (GC), is used for the majority of our chemical testing. It is not only capable of analyzing substances in gaseous form at room temperature, but also substances that are in liquid form at room temperature. These liquids can be vaporized up to 250 °C and then tested in the GC for a more efficient and accurate reading.

To learn more about the PDC’s advanced research capabilities or to schedule your work, contact Pros Bennett, our Managing Director. When your work is scheduled, follow the link to Shipping Information and Sample Submission to fill in our Sample Submission Form. If you want us to analyze a chemical in gas form, fill out our Gas Sample Submission Form.