The PDC is one of the top suppliers of cellulose nanomaterials in the world, providing nanomaterials to researchers and application developers at hundreds of businesses, laboratories, and educational institutions in over forty countries.

Whether we’re trailblazing new nanotechnologies, performing sophisticated chemical analysis, or providing innovative pulp and paper solutions, the Process Development Center remains at the cutting edge of chemical engineering and material science.

The Process Development Center (PDC) offers a broad range of technical services and resources for our clients, both in traditional pulp and paper and in emerging process technologies and materials science. 

Contact us for more information or to discuss your specific needs. We look forward to collaborating with you.

Colleen Walker
Director, Process Development Center

PDC Cellulose Nanomaterials Forum

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This year, the 6th Annual Cellulose Nanomaterials Forum will be a part of the first-ever Maine Forest Biomaterials Week, hosted by the University of Maine. The week will include Manufacturing RENEW3D, the Process Development Center’s Annual Cellulose Nanomaterials Forum, and a celebration of Maine’s recent U.S. EDA designation as a Forest Bioproducts Advanced Manufacturing Tech Hub.

The 2024 Maine Forest Biomaterials Week will run August 27-29, kicking off with an evening lobster bake reception on Monday, August 26th. Programming will begin Tuesday morning and conclude at 3pm on Thursday, the 29th.

We hope you will join us as we bring together research experts in sustainable biomaterials and advanced manufacturing while looking to the future of cellulose nanomaterial applications, including packaging, composites, construction, and agriculture. 

Event location: Wells Conference Center, University of Maine

If you are interested in sponsorships, please contact Derek Raschke: derek.raschke@maine.edu

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DextraCel by Anomera Inc.

We are excited to announce DextraCel: a new material available in our Nanocellulose Store made by Anomera Inc. that can be adapted to improve product performance with eco-friendly alternatives in various industrial applications!

DextraCel, biodegradable carboxylated nanocellulose crystals (CNC), is available in:

  • Aqueous suspension
  • Micron sized dispersible powders

Learn more about it and place your order here

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