Welcome to the Process Development Center’s website. I hope that you find it helpful and informative.

Here at the PDC, we offer a broad range of technical services and resources for our clients, both in traditional pulp and paper and in emerging process technologies and materials science. The PDC’s unique research capabilities and full scale pilot facility make it the natural choice for businesses and agencies that are seeking innovation and flexibility.

It’s an exciting time for the PDC and for the technology community at large. With revolutionary advancements being made at an ever-increasing rate, there are more new process and products opportunities under development than ever before. In the face of industry-wide change, the

PDC continues to be involved in the commercialization of the latest ground-breaking technologies. In the last few years, the PDC has become one of the top suppliers of cellulose nanomaterials in the world, providing nanomaterials to researchers and application developers at hundreds of businesses, laboratories and educational institutions in over thirty-five countries.

Whether we’re trailblazing new nanotechnologies, performing sophisticated chemical analysis, or providing innovative pulp and paper solutions, the Process Development Center remains at the cutting edge of chemical engineering and material science.

For more information, or to discuss your specific needs, please contact us. We look forward to collaborating with you.

Colleen Walker
Director, Process Development Center


The UMaine Process Development Center (PDC) is pleased to offer its facility, equipment, and expertise for cooperative research and development projects. For nearly thirty years, the PDC has set the industry standard for collaborative pulp and paper research and has recently expanded into other technology areas, such as bioplastics, solid and liquid biofuels and nanomaterials.

The PDC is well equipped to work with a wide range of raw materials, from wood and bark to herbaceous crops and agricultural residuals. Available processes include extraction, pulping, bleaching, papermaking, coating, and finishing, as well as extensive paper testing and analytical capabilities. New product innovations utilizing forest- and agriculturally-derived materials include a non-toxic grease-proof coating additive, a new class of environmental remediation technology, a unique cellulose insulation product, and new bio-based paper strength and processing aids.

Over the years, the PDC has served a unique role in supporting public-private partnerships, particularly with the Forest Products Industry. The PDC’s knowledgeable staff and faculty works closely with clients across all stages of product development, from conceptual beginnings to successful commercialization. The Process Development Center has collaborated with hundreds of private sector clients, on both long and short-term projects, providing timely service and delivering confidential, innovative and cost-effective solutions.