A Process Development Center employee examining a papermaking machinePDC’s pilot paper machine is available for raw material and process operation studies. The paper machine may also be used to evaluate equipment components. Steady-state is reached in less than thirty minutes, allowing multiple trials in a single day.

Size Press

A size press is an option in the operation of the pilot paper machine. This sophisticated piece of equipment allows for the addition of surface sizing, as well as a light coating on the basesheet.  Our upgraded size press allows for a wide range of coating and surface treatments to be applied, such as silicone and barrier coatings, and therefore, expand the types of high-value, specialty paper and composite prototypes that can be produced.


Calendering improves printing properties, particularly roughness and gloss. The values attained depend on the speed, pressure, and temperature of calendering, the properties of the base sheet, the average moisture content, and the composition of the coating. An on-line calender stack is available at the end of the paper machine.


  • Fourdrinier paper machine (Complete list of paper machine equipment)
  • Flexible metering system for wet-end additives for multiple additive strategies.
    • Two felted press nips with a separate embossing nip for specialty applications
    • Size press
    • Quick change-over size press coating supply system
    • In-line steel nip calendar stack
    • High precision drive system
    • Honeywell Experion MX scanner with on-line monitoring of basis weight, moisture, caliper, and ash, in both the machine and cross-machine direction
  • Off-line calender (conventional or hot soft nip configuration)
  • Off-line rewinding
  • Off-line sheeter

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