Bachelor of Arts in French

General Requirements:

  • Demonstration of listening comprehension, oral, reading, and writing proficiency (Students who have not received at least a grade of “B” in FRE 305 or FRE 306 may be required to take a test in languages skills).
  • Demonstration of comprehensive coverage of literature and civilization through successful completion of 30 credit-hours of appropriate course work
  • A minimum of 36 credit hours, 30 of which must be above (i.e. at the 300 and 400 levels) the intermediate level

Special Requirements:

  • 9 credit hours above intermediate level that must include either FRE 305 or FRE 306 and either FRE 309 or 310, and FRE 320 French Pronunciation
  • At least 18 credit-hours of 400-level French courses, which must include FRE 400 Advanced Grammar and two courses in literature.
  • 3 credit-hours of French, French-Canadian, or Franco-American Civilization
  • FRE 397 French May Term in Québec or FRE 398 French Immersion:
    Western France (Waived for a full-year or semester abroad experience.)
  • INT 410 Introduction to the Study of Linguistics

Strongly Recommended

  • History of a Francophone country (3 credits)
  • Full-year or semester-abroad program

French Classes