DSRRN Science Workshops

Following are links that provide additional information and documents resulting from DSRRN science workshops and meetings. Workshop goals included:

  1. Produce new directions for restoration science by exploring key scientific issues related to interdisciplinary scientific approaches to diadromous species restoration;
  2. Produce synthetic publications on each workshop theme; and
  3. Provide scientific guidance for managers and agencies actively involved in restoration efforts.

January 10-11, 2013 (Final science meeting)
Diadromous Species Restoration Science 2013: Migration, Habitat, Species Interactions, and Management

January 9, 2013 (Workshop)
Science and Management of Diadromous Species Restoration

May 2011; June 2012 (Workshops)
Variability of North Atlantic Diadromous Fish Populations: Establishing Reference Points for Restoration Assessment Part I and II

April 1-2, 2010 (Workshop)
Resilience of North Atlantic Diadromous Fish Assemblages: A Restoration Perspective

July 22-24, 2009 (Science meeting)
Restoration of Diadromous Fishes and Their Ecosystems: Confluence of Science and Restoration

November 14, 2008 (Stakeholder meeting)
DSRRN Stakeholder Meeting