Eric Martin: Teaching Activities and Profile Summaries

Course Syllabi

MEE 120  Engineering Graphics & CAD

MEE 125  Computational Tools for Mechanical Engineers

MEE 150  Engineering Mechanics: Statics

MEE 251  Strength of Materials

MEE 252  Statics & Strength of Materials

MEE 270  Applied Mechanics:  Dynamics

MEE 341  Mechanical Laboratory I

MEE 380  Design I

MEE 381  Design II

MEE 442  Mechanical Laboratory II


Other Instructor Pages

Google site:
The information on this site is similar to what is shown here, except there are many links for electives, winter/summer term, etc.
YouTube Channel:  Link
Here you’ll find some review material for topics such as statics, strength of materials, SolidWorks, MATLAB, and more.


Engineering Tools

SolidWorks Academic Edition is available to all Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Technology students at the University of Maine.

PTC Mathcad
PTC Mathcad Express is Free-for-Life!  After entering your contact information, you will download and install Matchad Prime.  This “Full” version will remain active 30-days, then automatically downgrade (by removing some functions) to Mathcad Express.  However Mathcad Express is still a powerful, easy-to-use, engineering tool and is extremely beneficial for undergraduate work.  Currently Mathcad is only compatible with Windows operating systems.