2014 Calculus competition results

Annual Mathematics Competition 2014

All students of Calculus I and II (MAT 126-127) were invited to participate in this year’s Mathematics Contest.  The test consisted of three challenging calculus problems, to be solved over one weekend.

60 students participated.  The results are in, and the following cash awards were given:

Calculus I
First Prize: No winner
Second Prize winners, $100 each: Donald Bistri, Stephan Stroian-Ilina, Colin Benson
Third Prize winners, $50 each: Berkay Payal, Valerie Watson

Honorable mention: Chulong Shen, Joseph Lancaster, Tylor Bemis, Dylan Egeland.

Calculus II
First Prize: No winner
Second Prize winner, $100: Crockett Lalor
Third Prize winners, $50 each: Jack Melcher, Andrew Moreira

Congratulations to the winners!