Emmanuel Boss, Ph.D.

Education:  Ph.D., University of Washington, 1997

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Email Address:  emmanuel.boss@maine.edu

Phone:  207.581.4378

Location:  458 Aubert Hall

Mailing Address:  5706 Aubert Hall Orono, ME  04469-5706

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Research Area:  

The bulk of our work is concerned with both basic and applied research. Among others, we develop new methods to use acoustical and optical properties (both from remote sensing and in-situ sensors) to quantify and characterize oceanic particulate materials.

Our research is most often done in collaboration with researchers from outside UMaine, both from other universities (e.g. OSU, WHOI, Dalhousie) as well as private companies (e.g. Sequoia Scientific and WETLabs).



A principal thrust of my current research is the use of measured optical properties (absorption, scattering and attenuation) to obtain the bulk properties of the matter in the ocean (e.g. particulate size distribution, composition). Theoretical studies (Mie and T-matrix methods) are used to investigate dependencies that are tested with data obtained in the field.

To increase the information we can obtain in-situ on particles and their properties, I am currently getting into Ocean Acoustics.



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