Student Resources

These links go to external pages, including the UMaine Graduate School, UMaine Online, and various other sites. They are provided here simply as an information resource for current and potential students. The Maine Studies Program does not take responsibility for the content or accuracy of these pages.

Graduate Student Resources

University of Maine Graduate Studies – The general landing page for the Graduate School at UMaine.

Applying to Graduate School at UMaine – A general page for those thinking of applying for graduate studies.

Graduate Student Information – A single page with links to information for UMaine grad students. Useful.

Graduate Catalog – Full list of graduate courses; slight changes each year so be sure you are in current version.

UMaine Online – The MAIS degree, Maine Studies track is an online degree, supported by UMaine Online.

DLL Advising Center – This office can provide support for MAIS students when applying or during their degree.

Veterans Education and Transition Services – A very useful place to start for veterans and reservists.

Graduate School Policies and Regulations – Like the U.S. Constitution, you should probably be familiar with this.

Forms and Documents – A single listing of most of the forms you might eventually need. Very useful.

Financial Responsibility Statement – A ridiculous piece of legalese that says you will pay your bills. You will see a registration hold in MaineStreet until you sign this statement each semester.

Bursar’s Office – This is where you pay your bills. Not all of them; just for UMaine.

Program of Study Information – This page contains various information about the Program of Study.

“MAIS Program of Study” – While this page is supposed to be about the POS, it also has other information.

Program of Study Form – Direct link to the downloadable POS form for master’s students.

Change in Program of Study Form – This form is for making revisions to your existing POS.

Domestic Study Away form – Sounds obscure, but you MUST submit this form if you want to take a non-UMaine class and have it count toward your degree. And it must be approved BEFORE you actually take it.

Master Project – This page has basic information about the master project for MAIS students. Useful.

Thesis Resources – Various instructions for completing a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation. Useful.

Graduate Faculty Info & ROQ Form – If you are asking someone to be on your committee and they are not already approved as part of the UMaine graduate faculty, they should read this page and complete the “Record of Qualifications” form.

Graduation Information – A very useful page with important steps and deadline for graduation. Read it!

Options for Leaving and Returning to UMaine (with forms) – For if you need to take a Leave of Absence.

Withdraw from Graduate School Form – If all else fails, here is the form to use.


Undergraduate Student Resources

Bachelor of University Studies (BUS) – This page has information about the BUS degree, which is largely designed for those returning to the University of Maine to complete their undergraduate degree.

CLAS Advising & Academic Services – This is the advising office for the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. Very useful.

Change of Program/Plan/Subplan form – This confusing, catch-all form is used to declare or change an undergraduate major or minor. Please see your faculty advisor or your college’s advising office if you need instructions or assistance.

CLAS Majors and Minors – A listing of all majors and minors within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

Undergraduate Catalog – Changes each year; make sure you are looking at the most recent version.


Employment Resources

List of Maine Job Websites (ME Dept. of Education)

Maine Education Jobs

Maine Library Jobs

Maine Nonprofits Jobs

University of Maine System Jobs (various campuses)

Maine Career Center

Job Hunting in Maine: Putting the Pieces Together [pdf]

Opportunities for Veterans in Maine

Career OneStop (U.S. Dept. of Labor)