Graduation Information

Graduate School Commencement Ceremony

The Graduate School Commencement Ceremony occurs in May each year and recognizes graduating master’s, C.A.S., Ed.S., and doctoral candidates. Click the button below for more information.

Congratulations, you are close to the end of this journey! Utilize the resources on this page to be sure that you remain on track to graduate with an advanced degree.

First Steps

Check-in with your Department

Verify that you will meet all the deadlines for final papers, projects, or other requirements (i.e. the Responsible Conduct of Research requirement if applicable).

Be Registered for at Least One (1) Credit 

All students must be registered in the semester of graduation.

Review the Deadlines and Checklist

To be sure you are on track to graduate, review the deadlines for the upcoming graduation terms and find a helpful checklist of the required steps. 

Apply to Graduate

Students must apply to graduate within MaineStreet for the degree or certificate to be awarded.  Follow the navigation instructions provided by the Office of Student Records.

Submit an Updated Final Program of Study

Submit a final program of study if there have been significant changes in the courses you have taken. This includes courses to be transferred into your program.

Thesis Students & Doctoral Candidates

Fulfill the Thesis/Dissertation Requirements 

Schedule your defense and submit a tentative and final thesis/dissertation to the Graduate School. Click the button below for all the necessary information and forms!

Additional Forms for Doctoral Students

All doctoral students must complete and submit the Survey of Earned Doctorates.

Graduation Steps

Completion of Requirements

Communicate with your graduate coordinator and advisor to be sure that you have completed all of the requirements for your degree or certificate.  The graduate coordinator will complete the Completion of Requirements form.

Transcripts & Diplomas

Once the Graduate School staff has received an updated Program of Study, the Completion of Requirements, and the final thesis (if applicable), they will audit the student record. Transcripts and diplomas are issued by the Office of Student Records.

If a transcript showing the degree conferred is required for employment or another academic institution, indicate it as such when requesting an official transcript through MaineStreet.

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