MAIS Program of Study

The Program of Study

The student, in conjunction with their advisor, drafts a proposal for a program of study (POS) listing all courses that will fulfill the requirements for the self-designed MAIS degree, along with a brief description of the work proposed for a Master Project.

The POS is reviewed by the Interdisciplinary Studies Review Committee during the admission process to ensure that the coursework reflects the objectives of the program.


Study for the MAIS degree requires a minimum of 30 credit hours. All work for the master’s degree must be completed within six years of the time of first registration or earliest transfer credit.

6-9 cr. – MAIS Core Seminars (IDS 500) or 500- / 600-level courses as deemed appropriate by the advisor
15-21 cr. – 400-, 500-, or 600-level courses. A least 9 credits must be 500- or 600-level
3-6 cr. – MAIS Master Project (IDS 699)

Creating Your Committee

After the completion of 12 credits of study or before the third registration (whichever comes first), students are required to form an Advisory Committee composed of three members:

  • 1 major advisor who must be a UMaine graduate faculty member
  • 2 additional graduate faculty members*

The Advisory Committee will validate the student’s POS which will then become the student’s required graduate curriculum.

*If a student wishes to include an individual who is not a member of the University of Maine graduate faculty, a Record of Qualifications form must be submitted by the potential Advisory Committee member.

How to Submit Changes

Any changes to the curriculum must be made either prior to obtaining the advisory committee’s signatures on the Program of Study form.

If changes take place after the POS has already been submitted to the Graduate School, a Request for Change in Program of Study form will have to be submitted to update the status of the POS.

For changes to the Advisory Committee, your advisor will need to send an email to Katie Rossignol.