Our Degrees

The Maine Studies Program offers both undergraduate and graduate degree options, including a Minor in Maine Studies, a track in the Bachelor of University Studies (BUS) degree, and a track in the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS). A summary of each of these degree options is given below. The links take you to pages with further information.

MA in Interdisciplinary Studies/Maine Studies Track

The Masters of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies is offered through the University of Maine Graduate School. It provides students with different options for receiving an advanced degree, including several tracks as well as a self-designed option. The Maine Studies track is one of two that allow students to complete their degrees entirely online. It is popular with teachers, librarians, and other professionals who wish to advance their careers through completion of a master’s degree, but are not able to take classes on the UMaine campus or attend school full-time.

MAIS students complete 30 credits of coursework, including 3-6 credits of a master’s project of their own design. Most students complement their Maine Studies courses by taking courses from other departments that suit their interests and help prepare them for their career goals. The typical time to completion for the degree is 3-4 years, but it is possible to complete the degree in two years or even less for those students wishing to do so.

Bachelor of University Studies/Maine Studies Track

The Bachelor of University Studies (BUS) degree is offered through the Division of Lifelong Learning. It is considered a degree completion program, designed for students who began their undergraduate careers at an earlier time, and now wish to complete that credential. It has both established tracks and a self-designed option. Maine Studies courses are offered online, making this track especially attractive for distance learning students.

Students in the Maine Studies Track complete 24 credits of Maine-related classes, including three required courses. In addition to Maine Studies (MES) courses, electives (including many online options) can come from at least eight different departments on campus. Students completing the BUS degree come from all walks of life. Several BUS graduates in recent years have decided to pursue the MAIS degree, continuing their passion for education as they work toward an advanced degree.

Minor in Maine Studies

The Minor in Maine Studies is for current University of Maine students completing a BA or BS degree. It allows students to explore their interest in Maine, whether that is related to history, geography, politics, or any other area. The Minor is just 18 credits and there are only two required Maine Studies courses; the rest are electives and can come from nearly a dozen different departments. Some overlap of courses with the student’s major is possible. Many students in Anthropology, History, English, Political Science, and other fields find the Maine Studies minor appealing, as it helps them delve more deeply into their interest in Maine and the surrounding region.