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Options for Leaving and Returning to UMaine

Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence

Degree students in good standing who need time away from their program (e.g. not able to maintain active status) should apply for on-leave status in order to reserve the right to return when they are able.

Time spent in on-leave status (for a maximum of one year) is not considered part of the time limit for completion of degree.

This type of enrollment maintains a place for the student as a member of the Graduate School but does not entitle the student to any other University privileges of a regularly enrolled full-time student, or part-time student.

Complete and submit the on-Leave form. Questions should be directed to Aylah Ireland (

Returning from a Leave of Absence

To return from a leave of absence, the student should confer with the advisor(s) and enroll in the course(s) to be taken in their first semester back. 

Withdrawing from UMaine

Withdrawing from the University

To ensure proper posting of their academic and financial records, students who withdraw from graduate study should submit the withdrawal form.

Returning after Withdrawing or Stopping Out

Students who have previously withdrawn or not maintained continues enrollment must apply for readmission to continue working toward the degree. Interested students should complete an application for readmission and submit the $65 application fee.

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