Mark Hutton


🚜 Agriculture, 🍽 Consumer preference, 🧬 Genetics, 🏞 Land and natural resource use, 🌿 Organic food production

Hutton evaluates the environmental and horticultural adaptability of vegetables important o commercial conventional and organic agriculture in Maine.Β  Specific research topics include evaluating crop management strategies such as intercropping, living mulches, and sequential cropping for improved yields, quality, and reduced agrochemical inputs.Β  He also evaluates and develops improved management strategies for high tunnel crop production. Visit Hutton’s biography to learn more.

Appointment details

Graphic displaying a 5/50 time split
Hutton balances time between research (50%) on sustainable vegetable production practices and plant breeding and insect biocontrol, and Cooperative Extension (50%) activities.

Hutton’s work is supported by:

  • School of Food and Agriculture at the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry and Agriculture
  • Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station
  • Cooperative Extension

Experiment Station contributions

  • Current project: Vegetable Crop Management and Evaluation of Potential Vegetable Crops for Maine. Hatch project number ME022320.