Letters and Forms

Letter Requests

Our office provides letters certifying enrollment at the University of Maine or on behalf of family member(s) who would like to apply for a visitor visa at a US Consulate abroad. These letters are available to international students and scholars on F-1, J-1, or other non-immigrant categories.

To request a certification or invitation letter please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to eoip.um.maine.edu and click the “LOGIN” button.
  2. Sign in using your @maine.edu account information.
  3. Click Letter Request and select the letter you want to request.
  4. Complete the form entering information in all fields.
  5. When the letter has been issued, we will send an email to your @maine.edu account. Please allow processing time for up to a week. If you need it urgently, please email us at umaineimmigration@maine.edu.

Here is the list of letters that you can request via our portal:

Late Arrival Letter
If you are unable to arrive by the first date of classes listed on your I-20 or DS-2019, you can request a late arrival letter.  Please note, undergraduate students and graduate students who do not have a graduate assistantship can only miss a few days of classes; they must be in the classroom by the first day of the second week of classes.  If you are unable to arrive by this deadline, you may be required to defer to a future term.

Your UMaine account needs to be active to complete this request.  If you need to activate your UMaine accounts, click here for instructions, then follow instructions below to request the late arrival letter.

1. Log in to eoip.um.maine.edu
2. Go to “Pre-Arrival Services for Students”
3. Complete the appropriate letter request
The letter will be emailed to you within 2-3 business days.