Apply to UMaine IEI Core Program

This application is for international students who need an F-1 student visa to enroll at the UMaine IEI program. Students on an F-1 visa must attend in person. International students can enroll online from outside of the U.S. Find the Academic Calendar here for program start dates. Complete the personal information in the application below and upload the following documents:

  1. Passport Photo Page
  2. Declaration of Finances 
  3. Financial Document or Bank Statement
  4. Pay Application Fee of $40 USD and upload the receipt

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Apply to the Maine Bridge Program

Qualified applicants who do not meet the language requirements of their program are considered for conditional admission to the University of Maine. In order to join the Maine Bridge Program, students must apply to either an undergraduate or graduate program at the University of Maine. 

The applications are automatically forwarded to the Maine Bridge Program coordinator who will evaluate the student’s placement in the Maine Bridge Program. 

Application for Maine residents

This application is for individuals living in the state of Maine who do not need immigration support to enroll at the UMaine IEI program. The IEI program is available in person and online. The following materials must accompany your application:
  1. Proof of Identity (Driver’s License/Passport/ID Card)
  2. Pay Application Fee of $40 USD

Find the Academic Calendar here for program start dates

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Spring A 2023

Application deadline: December 1

Arrival Day: January 10
January 11-13
Classes Start:
January 17
Classes End:
March 10

Spring B 2023

Application deadline: February 12

Arrival Day: March 16
March 17
Classes Start:
March 20
Classes End:
May 5

Summer 2023

Application deadline: March 31

Arrival Day: June 1
June 2
Classes Start: 
June 5
Classes End: 
July 28

Fall A 2023

Application deadline: July 01

Arrival Day: August 22
 August 23-25
Classes Start:
 August 28
Classes End: 
October 20

Processing Time

Due to the high volume of applications, it might take 2 to 3 weeks of processing time. 

Please email us at if you have any questions.

Visa Information

Students who submit a complete application with valid documents will be issued an admission letter and an I-20 form. When the student receives the two documents, they can schedule a visa application at the closest U.S. consulate. Read more about how to apply for a visa.  


Click here to see the dates for upcoming IEI sessions. 

IEI Scholarships

All enrolled students to the Intensive English Institute’s Core Intensive English Program will be granted the International Discovery Scholarship of up to $2,000 ($500 per session). The scholarship applies for one university academic year which is four IEI sessions. No additional application is required. This scholarship will be awarded upon enrollment in IEI courses at the University of Maine.

Estimated Expenses

*** This estimated budget is only for students outside the Unites States taking IEI online courses.