MicroChill® Refrigerator/Microwave/Freezer Combination Unit Rentals

Want to Rent a MicroChill or Have Questions?

Contact College Products with any questions about ordering or returning a MicroChill® at 712.226.3250.

MicroChill® from College Products

MicroChill® is a combination refrigerator/freezer and microwave appliance that is approved for use in University of Maine residence halls. Due to breaker tripping, this is the only option if you would like BOTH a microwave and a refrigerator for your on-campus room. Save money by ordering your MicroChill® unit prior to August 1!

For more information, or to rent a MicroChill® from College Products, please visit their website.

You may also call College Products with any questions about ordering a MicroChill® at 712.226.3250.

Please note:

  • One MicroChill® combo unit or one dorm-size refrigerator is permitted per room
  • If you want both a microwave unit and a refrigerator unit, you must rent a MicroChill®
  • You must have your housing assignment to rent a unit
  • There are community microwaves throughout each residence hall, so if you can live without one in your room, you may bring one small refrigerator per room.

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