DTAV/Patch Process

The 2024-2025 DTAV/Patch application process has now closed.

2024–2025 DTAV/Patch Suite Reservation & Assignment Process

Any group members who have not accepted their invitation may do so using the “Suitemate Invitation Response” link below.

New in 2024! All returning resident students from sophomore to senior level will receive a Resident Parking Permit included with their housing for the upcoming academic year! *A parking application must still be completed. More info regarding this process will be sent to students at a later date.*

DTAV/Patch Suite Groups will be notified via email by Thursday, February 22, of their status and/or assignment details.

DTAV/Patch Suite Group Application Due Date: Friday, February 16, 2023.

Students currently enrolled for the 2023-2024 academic year at UMaine, studying abroad for the Spring 2024 semester, or transferring in for the Fall 2024 semester are eligible to apply for a DTAV/Patch suite.

Patch Hall requires four-person groups with the majority of rising juniors and/or seniors (accrued at least 40 credits by December 15, 2023). Groups may have one rising sophomore in their group provided they have no conduct issues with Residence Life.

DTAV (also known as Doris Twitchell Allen Village) requires five or six-person groups. Groups may be comprised of rising sophomores or above provided they have no conduct issues with Residence Life.

Priority is given to full groups of five or six students. Individuals, pairs, or trios may apply for a suite and will be considered after all full groups are assigned.

Have questions? Please visit our DTAV/Patch FAQs for answers to common questions.

Exterior of DTAV
DTAV (also known as Doris Twitchell Allen Village)
Exterior of Patch Hall
Patch Hall

https://umaine.edu/housing/rates-policies/2024-2025-room-board-rates/Proposed 2024-2025 Room and Board Rates

Suites may be coed. If a vacancy occurs in a coed suite at any time, it is the responsibility of the remaining residents to fill the vacancy or pay an additional room fee to cover the cost of the vacancy. Partial coed group applications will not be accepted.

DTAV/Patch Application Process

Group Leader Application – Group Leaders or Individuals may submit the group’s application and invite members here

Suitemate Invitation Response – Group members who have received a group invitation email may accept or reject the invitation here

Manage Suitemate Group – Group Leaders may add or remove group members here

If you have questions regarding this process, contact us.