Financial Aid

Several options for financing your professional education are available to you. As an undergraduate you have access to the Health Professions Scholarship program.

Most Health Care professionals will graduate with over $100,000 of debt. Thus it is extremely important to make sound financial decisions when it comes to selecting loan options. You need to be a good consumer and do your research. The following summary provides you with some basic information about available loan programs.

Financial Aid Resources for Medical School

Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program:

Stop by the Career Center – 300 Memorial Union for program information.

Charles E. Gilbert Loan Program

This program sponsored by the University of Maine is available only to University of Maine graduates seeking medical, dental or veterinary careers. This low 3% no fees loan is available through our financial aid office on campus. Repayment is deferrable during residency.

UMaine Student Financial Aid Office

Maine Medical Loan

This supplemental loan program is available through the MES Foundation. Interest accrues while in school and repayment may be deferred during residency.

Maine Medical Association Loan

This loan program is available only to MD students. There are no origination fees and repayment is scaled.

Dental Education Assistance Loan

One of a few loan programs available to dentists, this program has the option to repay interest only for a two-year deferment period upon completing dental school. There are origination fees associated with the program.

Maine Dental Education Loan

This loan is administered by FAME and is designed to increase access to dental care for underserved populations in Maine. The program provides forgivable, need based, dental education loans to Maine residents attending dental school.

National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Program

Stafford Loans

This is the same Stafford Loan program that has been available to you during your undergraduate years.

Doctors for Maine’s Future Scholarship

Health Professions Loan Program