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Policies & Regulations - Nonsexist Language Policy

The University of Maine, as an equal opportunity educational institution, is committed to both academic freedom and the fair treatment of all individuals. It therefore discourages the use of sexist language. Language that reinforces sexism can arise from imprecise word choices that may be interpreted as biased, discriminatory, or demeaning even if they are not intended to be. Accordingly, all University communications, whether delivered orally or in writing, shall be free of sexist language.

This policy shall apply to all future University publications, whether produced through Public Affairs or elsewhere, that are intended for distribution to students, parents, faculty, staff, or other people interested in the University of Maine. University publications shall include, but not necessarily be limited to: University printing office publications; promotional materials distributed by all units of the University both academic and nonacademic; and policy booklets prepared for students and faculty. Inventory on hand of existing publications may be used until exhausted or a publication is revised.

Each member of the University community is urged to be sensitive to the impact of language and to make a personal commitment to eliminate sexist language. Supervisory personnel have a particular responsibility to discuss this policy with faculty and staff and to make available to them guidelines on nonsexist language. Guidelines of the American Psychological Association on the use of nonsexist language provide direction and are recommended because they are brief and list examples, but others may be used. Consult the Women in the Curriculum and Women’s Studies Program (WIC) at 207-581-1228 or the Public Relations Department 207-581-3743 for alternatives.

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